Club History



One our Early W.A. Sheltie breeders involved in the breed since the mid 60's offered to trace back through the years and try to accumulate some information regarding our early W.A. Shelties.


Her involvement with the breed has been since a young girl when she fell in love with a Sheltie (Aust. Ch. Richmond Alasdair, 'Niki') at a country dog show, whilst there showing a toy breed.  From that day on the 'Niki' had stolen her heart so the family introduced the Shelties into their home and to this day she has remained with the breed ever since.


Communicating with retired breeders has been very rewarding and I'm sure will continue to be very beneficial for our Shetland Sheepdog Club and its members.  Already a lot of information has come through from retired ENG/W.A breeders.  This information has been beneficial to N.Z. historians also with regards to early N.Z Shelties. 


As we dig deeper and deeper into early history it becomes more and more interesting.  Records kept to date indicate early shelties to W.A. were around the late 50's, early 60's.  One of these breeders was Mrs Elizabeth Avila "Esperanca" who came from England with the her husband and two small children to start a new life in W.A..  With her she brought a Sheltie bitch "Kimica Frangipane (imp UK)" and it wasn't long before this bitch had her Australian Championship Title, and was producing lovely Sheltie puppies.  Elizabeth today is still surrounded by her adoring Shelties, but does not involve herself in the show ring.


Another early breeder from England to W.A. was the very well known Mr Brian Allen "Heatherburn".  Brian was having great success in the U.K. with his bitch "Kendoral  Nymph" (dob 16/05/60).  Before long he and his family had made there way to W.A. and in a short amount of time his bitch had become Aust Ch Kendoral Nymph imp U.K. winning many major awards in show and later producing some very nice progeny, one them was the great "Heatherburn Ace" born in W.A.. 


Another Sheltie to find his way to WA originally from England was Aust Ch Francehill Debonair imp U.K. (Aust title granted '62) owned by the late Dr Pearson.  These imports were responsible for some of the loveliest shelties born in W.A.


Ramtin The Spiv of Shelridge imp U.K. "Spivvy" (dob 16/05/73) owned by Mrs L Topham also gained his Aust title in Perth. Another English import to arrive with his owner Mrs M Stanley was Mr showman himself, Aust Ch Tassay Gold Sovereign imp UK (dob 20/02/75).


It wasn't long before new blood was coming to W.A. from the eastern states and N.Z. to contribute to individual breeding programmes.


Aust & NZ Ch Chaos of Eurydice CD (imp NZ) (dob 25/07/73) affectionately known as "Kelly" arrived in Perth in 1975 with his owners Michelle and Jos Groos.  "Kelly" made quite a significant contribution to our breeding programmes and was also successful in the obedience competitions.


Another Sheltie to come to Perth from NZ was Lucifer of Twoseas Imp NZ (dob 05/06/73).  This dog was owned by a young Veterinarian Nurse Miss Susan Grover, the daughter of the late Vic Grover a well known Corgi breeder.  Susan's working commitments made it difficult for her to campaign her dog on a regular basis and therefore unfortunately the dog never gained his Aust title.


One of our very early Shelties to come from Victoria to WA was "Aust Ch Melwest Man Milton, (dob 18/10/60) affectionately known as "Manny".  Manny was bought by Mr & Mrs Millington, "Richmond".  The Millington's were both All Breeds judges and were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel throughout Australia with there judging appointments.  They saw the value in a dog like Manny and before long Manny had sired a multi best in show winner "Aust Ch Richmond Alasdair (dob 9/9/63).


The mid to late 60's saw the introduction of some new faces to the Sheltie show world.  The late Mrs McDermit, "ADAIR" also a breeder of Pomeranians,.......the late Mrs E J Franklin, "TRYME" ....and Mrs M Hennig, "GOLDFLAME" (retired).  These breeders were responsible for the involvement of some of our most prominent breeders in the show world today.


The start of the 70's introduced more new and enthusiastic breeders all keen to be a part of the show world and as a result of this our show entries increased significantly due to the popularity of the Sheltie.


Up dates on early 50's and 60's shelties also history of Shelties from the 70's up to today will appear at a later date.


Written by:- Mrs Cherri Franklin/Seeber.