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We've often heard it said by prospective puppy owners referring to the Sheltie as a "miniature Collie". I suppose to a family just wanting a pet who are unfamiliar with the standard of the breed this description of the Sheltie is reasonably accurate.

The Shetland Sheepdog affectionately known as the Sheltie originated for the The Shetland Islands.

The word "sheepdog" portrays of a Sheltie herding a flock of sheep. The Sheltie instinctively can and will herd sheep, with little or no training and this is demonstrated frequently today. A particular situation comes to mind of a 6 week old Sheltie pup. This pup somehow got herself into a rather large duck pen. Within a matter of minutes she had all the ducks herded into the corner and with no casualties at all. This is one of many stories that have been told referring to the intelligence and ability of the Sheltie.

One of the reasons for the Sheltie's popularity is due to the famous rough Collie "Lassie" who every one must remember as a child. Many times it's been said by people who have purchased a Sheltie, ' I love the look of the Collies, but I don't want a dog that big'. The Sheltie is a perfect size for most families living in large or small areas.

The size of the Sheltie as per the standard is measured from the wither to the ground. The correct height for Sheltie Dogs (male) is 14.5 inches, Bitches (female) 14 inches, more than 1 inch above or below is considered undesirable, however if you are interested in a pet only then this would not concern you in the slightest. Nothing detracts from the Shelties loyalty to its owner, its sweetness of expression, beautiful temperament and gentle nature.

For a long coated dog the Shelties is easily maintained with just a light brush (making sure you get down to the skin) each week and a comb through the back of the ears, feet and nails trimmed and a bath when required makes for a very low maintenance pet to have around.

The breed offers a variety of colours the most popular being golden sable, followed by mahogany (shaded) sable, Tri-colour, black & white and blue merle each with there individual white markings.

The Sheltie is a healthy happy little dog with a life expectancy of between 12 -16 years. Many people who have chosen a Sheltie as their pet have on many occasions returned to the breeder enquiring after a second pup. This is the effect the Sheltie can have on you.

Please take the opportunity to browse through our whole website and become familiar with this wonderful breed.

Shelties can be viewed most weekends at variety club Championship Shows held at the Canine Centre corner of Randford Rd & Warton Rd, Southern River.

Written by:- Mrs Cherri Franklin/Seeber