Agility Featured Dogs

 Koniseur Karry The Flag              CDX ADM JDM ADO6 JDO4 SPDX GDX          aka Flynn

              Owned by Sandra Yearsley                        Bred by Kishandra Nelson 





Flynn had an uncanny knack of knowing things and still does. Wise beyond his years Flynn was a master at body language and knew if another dog needed help in this area. Flynn would wake us during the night about half an hour before a storm to let us know the storm was coming, once we were awake he was happy he’d done his job and then would quite happily sleep through the storm while we laid awake!! I always said Flynn should have been an alert dog, with his aptitude for having a sixth sense about things. In performance sports Flynn was a good steady dog and when the open classes came in he excelled at some of the tricky distance challenges. Retired for health reasons at almost 8 years old Flynn still managed to add a few titles to his name.


These days Flynn, at 13 years old, is enjoying his retirement. He is completely deaf now and no longer wakes us during the night to warn of storms, instead spending more of his time sleeping soundly. Flynn loves to have a cuddle and puts his head on your shoulder nudging into your neck, his favourite place.


Flynn was and still is, ball obsessed. Sometimes we roll a ball a short distance for him just because.