Sponsors -- 2018 Shetland Sheepdog National



The Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA would like to thank these generous sponsors for supporting the 2018 Shetland Sheepdog National. 

Please support our sponsors listed below.


   ###   New Sponsor   ###

The SSCWA are very proud to announce our newest National sponsor

Hush Puppies

Ten lucky winners will each receive a voucher which entitles them to select any pair of Hush Puppies from the Hush Puppies website  at  NO CHARGE what so ever.

This is a very generous donation so get on the Hush Puppies site now and check them out.                                                            www.hushpuppies.com.au

Allocation of these vouchers  will be known closer to time.


Please support our sponsors listed below.

Click on the links listed below to go to their websites and view the range of goods they supply


Eukanuba                                                              https://www.eukanuba.com.au


Hush Puppies                                                       www.hushpuppies.com.au    


Orivet - DNA testing                                               http://www.orivet.com


Dogzonline                                                              http://dogzonline.com.au


Easy Dog Entries                                                   http://www.dognewsaustralia.com.au


K9 Online                                                               http://www.K9online.com.au


Jetpets                                                                    http://jetpets.com.au 


K9 Cool Coats  ( Silver Eagle Outfitters )           http://coolweave.com.au


Divas - Arm Number Holders                               https://www.facebook.com/Arm-Number-Holders-Divas-Treasures- 


Puddleby Art                                                          http://www.puddlebyart.com.au